– General consultation and examination of all common conditions
– Assess to laboratory (biochemistry and haematology) and microbiology testing
– Access to all common radiology investigations, and further specialised testing
– Onsite Electrocardiogram (both single lead and 12 lead ECG will be available) to check heart rhythm etc
– Onsite Spirometry (to assess base breathing and lung function)
– Urinalysis and blood glucose testing
– Personalised risk profiling
– Advice about aspects of sexual and reproductive health
– GP Special interest in chronic pain, including experience with fibromyalgia
– Aspects of mental health, in particular depression and anxiety
– Medical aspects of weight management
– Skin and hair assessment
– individualised annual assessments for health promotion and disease prevention 
– Corporate health checks and packages
– Onward referral to specialist
– Chronic disease management
– Acute and Repeat prescribing (where appropriate)
– Some aspects of insurance and licensing work, including shotgun and firearms