Tireless. Versatile. Vital. That's your liver - an unsung hero toiling behind the scenes, every minute of every day, to keep your body running smoothly. This mighty organ tackles a staggering array of essential tasks. In this article, we’ll explore the dangers of neglecting your liver and a revolutionary early detection procedure, FibroScan.

From filtering toxins and metabolising medications, to regulating blood clotting and cholesterol levels, the liver does it all. Yet how often do you actually stop to appreciate what a workhouse you liver is? Likely not enough. And that’s a problem, because an alarming number of people are unknowingly living with a condition that puts undue stress on this all-star organ: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). In fact, a staggering 1 in 4 adults in the UK has NAFLD, with obesity and diabetes being leading risk factors. The scary part? Most don’t experience any symptoms whatsoever… until it’s too late.


Dangers of Not Addressing Fatty Liver Disease

Left unchecked over time, NAFLD can progress into something far more severe – hepatic fibrosis (scarring), cirrhosis, liver failure, even cancer. A fate no liver deserves after its lifetime of tireless service to your health. That’s why at CAS Medical, we’re determined to empower you with the resources to take true control of your liver’s wellbeing.


Introducing FibroScan – Your Window to Liver Health

Through our partnership with LiverScan, we offer this cutting-edge FibroScan technology. A specialised ultrasound imaging that literally opens a window into the state of your liver. This quick, painless, non-invasive scan deploys safe shear wave technology to assess your liver for fat deposition and fibrosis levels – two key risk factors that can progress to chronic, irreversible damage if left unchecked.

But FibroScan isn’t just a high-tech diagnostic tool. It’s an empowerment tool, designed to shed light on your liver health before it takes a turn for the worse.


From Insight to Tailored Action

After undergoing your FibroScan, our experienced medical team will comprehensively review the results with you. We’ll translate those insights into a personalised plan for monitoring and actively improving your liver health through lifestyle adjustments.

If warranted, we can also coordinate additional diagnostic liver tests or specialist referrals. Our holistic approach also evaluates metabolic factors like obesity, diabetes, and diet that frequently co-occur with NAFLD. Identifying connections is key for sustained lifestyle changes.

Crucially, the FibroScan gives you a quantitative baseline to track progress. Routine follow-up scans provide measurable feedback on how effectively your efforts are reducing liver fat and fibrosis over time. This motivating data holds you accountable while celebrating wins along your recovery journey.


Be Proactive, Not Reactive

The sobering truth? Millions of people in the UK have NAFLD and don’t realise it due to a lack of symptoms. Early detection is paramount for protecting your liver’s vital role. Through our convenient FibroScan package (just £375), you can gain unprecedented insights into your liver health and take proactive steps to optimise it. No more guesswork.

After all, your liver is the ultimate unsung hero of your health. It’s time to stop taking this overachieving organ for granted.

Contact CAS Medical today to schedule your FibroScan – because when it comes to your liver, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.